The hotel and conference center are situated on an island in the River Main, opposite to Schweinfurt’s historic old city. The urban-developmental and architectural concept concentrates the mass of building in a long, extended ribbon that follows the contours of the island, encompassing both existing and new building. A green verge is created between the perimeter of the buildings and the river, so connecting the architecture with the landscape area of the river banks. Areas left to nature and others designed in the style of an English landscape park stage-manage the energies on the island and open viewing axes to the old city and the river. The large, gazed entrance hall between the conference center and the hotel is entered across a forecourt. This hall is used for exhibitions and events. The focal point of the conference center is the oval atrium, where an elegantly curving, open staircase connects two levels with conference rooms of different sizes. The use of materials, colors, and architectonic details formulates a relaxed atmosphere for events taking place in the conference center, differentiating a wide spectrum of spatial impressions.

Gross floor area: