The bascule bridge in Schwerin is representative of projects that lead to a synthesis of construction, function, and civil engineering form. Modular construction systems, stadium constructions like those in Berlin, Hanover and Cologne, and ideas for bridges in Flensburg, Augsburg, Olten (Switzerland), and Brandenburg exemplify our intense development work in this field.
The bascule bridge between the inner and outer Ziegelsee in Schwerin permits sailing boats and larger motor boats to access the centre of town. The body of the bridge is raised and lowered by means of a mobile pylon, exploiting optimal lines of force. At the same time, the pylon is a symbol visible from the town centre and also illuminates the bridge during evening hours.
In 2008, the first bridge construction conceived by KSV – a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists – was put into use in Bolzano, South Tyrol.