Designed in 1929 by Berlin architects Hugo and Otto Schellenberg for client Friedrich Wilhelm von Philipsborn, the villa is once again visible after extensive restoration works.

The house is located in the elegant Villa neighborhood of Dahlem and was the Berlin residence of the family natives of Klemzig castle near Züllichau. The villa combines traditional elements of the countryside style and references to the New Objectivity movement. The house had been disfigured through countless improper modifications in its design and function since 1929. Under the leadership of Christiane Schuberth and Bernd Schlutz from KSV, an architectural and interior design strategy was developed for the restoration and new interpretation of the historic rooms, façade, as well as the surrounding gardens. One component of this concept is the appointment of the rooms with customized fittings and specially selected furnishings and wall coverings via plans by KSV, which lend a unique ambience to the house.

Project: Villa Philipsborn in Berlin-Dahlem

Status: Completed 2017-2019

Services: Project management, Architectural, Interior and Landscape design phases 1-8